Dog Hotel PGC Prague

Hotel not only for dogs

We offer accommodation services for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and other pets.

The hotel serves both for longer stays and for watching dogs, cats for a few hours before you handle your urgent matters.

We speak czech, russian, english, italian, ukrainian.

We are here so that you can relax, think of your work, school or devote your time to other important things in your life without being worried about your beloved pet.

Why choose us?

Dog Hotel PGC Prague

Custom-tailored approach

Each animal stays in its own comfortable room, which is prepared specifically for it before its arrival, taking into consideration all peculiarities and the habits of your pet.

Professionalism and expertise

All our specialists have veterinary education, studied in leading zoopsychology schools and constantly attending seminars of notorious specialists in this sphere.

Non-stop monitoring system

Our hotel is equipped with video cameras which help us to monitor any movements of your pet 24/7.


Dog Hotel PGC Praha offers not only accommodation or care for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and other pets, as well as transportation to the hotel and back, as well as many other services for animals from all over Prague.

Education and training of dogs

The dog training classes and teaching good manners. This service is provided only individually.

Nutritional counseling

Our professionals will be happy to advise you on taking care of the animals and their proper nutrition.

Organisation of an animal party

There is also a new trendy service for us „Organisation of an animal party“

Dog walking

Your dog or dogs will be happy to take off and walking we will arrange for you.

Animal psychologist

Our animal psychologist works not only with the animal but also with his master.

The latest news

News, advice, attractions not only from our pet hotel.

If you ask me how I liked the pet hotel PGC, I would say „Woof“. It means great, first-class relaxation, remarcable service!

It was amazing. Great food, soft bed and select society – I didn’t even want to go home. I will definitely come back.

Meow, meow - I love such care. It is literally cats’ paridise. I am pleased a lot. Just my owner came for me too soon.

Our adress:

Radlická 571/70, Praha 5


+420 776 390 035

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