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We try keep up with all new tendencies in the animal life, and open to all innovations in this area, that is why we could not miss a new trendy service „Organisation of an animal party “.

To some it may seem as something superfluous, but not for those who absolutely adore their pets and want to please them and make them happy. Our beloved pets make us smile, can deeply touch us and even make us laugh till we cry. Don’t you think that they deserve some happiness in their monotonous life, especially when we have more resources and possibilities for that? Party for an animal is somewhat similar to a human party, they also have friends over, have fun and make noise, they also have a birthday cake, only ingredients are different. The organisation depends on the client’s wish, the way he wants this party to be, as only the owner knows his pet well. First we make a draft plan and then start to work on it. The celebration can be anywhere, where the owner wants, within the reasonable limits, of course.

Once we had an order for a party for bull terrier Steven which saved his owner’s life. You can only imagine how the owner was grateful for his saviour, that the party was organised in Paris. It was quite complicated, our team was very tired, but there is nothing impossible for us. Everyone in this world should do what they want and then they will be happy.

We will answer to any of your questions on this service via phone, or if contact us by other means of communication given on our website.

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