ServiceSmall breedMiddle breedLarge breedXXL breed
Hotel for dogs for 1-3 days500Kč/day500Kč/day500Kč/day500Kč/day
Hotel for dogs for 4 or more days350Kč/day400Kč/day450Kč/day500Kč/day
Hotel for cats250Kč/day
Other animalsBy agreement
Animal transport around Prague*1)800 Kč800 Kč800 Kč800 Kč
Administration of drugs to the animal*2)50Kč/operation50Kč/operation50Kč/operation50Kč/operation
Animal psychologist200Kč/hod200Kč/hod200Kč/hod200Kč/hod
Dog walking and training150Kč/hod150Kč/hod150Kč/hod150Kč/hod
Individual dog training for the show400Kč/hod400Kč/hod400Kč/hod400Kč/hod
Organisation of an animal partyAccording to the conventionAccording to the conventionAccording to the conventionAccording to the convention
Taking care of your pet at homeThis refers to the possibility of settling the animal at the house of one of our employees. This service is only available for small dog breeds, cats and other animals of a similar size. The price for this service is fixed, 500Kč for each already started day.
1)Delivery of animals from his house to our hotel in Prague and return. There can be several small animals for the price of one, but this is by prior arrangement.
When meeting animals at a train station or airport, not only the road is considered, but also every hour of waiting (price according to agreement).
2)If the animal settled in the hotel has a chronic non-communicable disease and needs regular medication, then this procedure is paid separately, 50Kč for every taking medicine.

* Breed:

  • small = to 25cm at the withers, to 6kg
  • middle = to 35cm at the withers, to 12kg
  • large = to 45cm at the withers, to 20kg
  • XXL = from 46cm at the withers, from 21kg

Price list valid from 1.11.2018