Education and training of dogs

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The dog training classes and teaching good manners.

This service is provided only individually. The trainer is working only with one dog at a time, which is much more effective than group classes, as the attention of a dog is concentrated only on the instructor’s commands. There are no surrounding distractions keeping the dog and the instructor from establishing contact, which helps to build trust between them.

The dog training course consists of 10 classes, 60 min each. The training plan is developed individually, taking into account all peculiarities and the character of a pet.

As a rule we work on three main directions, which are:

General training course (understanding cue words like “sit”, “lie down”, “with me” and others. Also, adaptation of an animal to the society, training a well behaving dog in the public and with the other animals. Minimization of the animal’s bad habits like barking without a reason, going to the toilet in an inappropriate place and many more);

Protection and guard dog training course. (preparation of a dog to protect a person, a house – only guard dog breeds are accepted for this course);

Preparation for a breed show: (teaching a dog self presentation, behaviour in the ring and with the referees).

Prices are discussed individually, preliminary prices can be found in our Price list.

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