1. A valid animal veterinary passport is a condition of acceptance.
  2. Payment is made for each started day.
  3. Good quality food is included into accommodation cost (dry food, canned food, diet food, homemade food). We use such brands as Royal Canin, Acana, Brit, Purina ProPlan, Applaws, Bosch etc.
  4. During its stay your pet can have any hairdressing, cosmetic or hygiene service upon your request. Payment for salon services is not included into accommodation cost.
  5. Each of our pet guests has its own comfortable room, which is prepared specifically for it before its arrival, taking into consideration all peculiarities and habits of your pet.
  6. Dogs are walked separately in the park, long and short walks are combined.
  7. We do not accept more than 7 animals at a time, which means you can be calm and be sure that your pet will receive proper attention, love and care.
  8. We are not a hotel for the masses, where many animals stay together and can end up hurting each other.
  9. We take responsibility for the health and well-being of your pet!
  10. Above all we have a good vet specialist.
  11. Upon your request we can send pictures and videos of your pet as often as you like.
  12. Our hotel has video surveillance cameras which help us to monitor all movements of your pet.
  13. In addition, our personnel are non-stop at their work station so your pet will never be left alone.
  14. As a result, your pet will not be able to hide his happiness from you.

Operator the hotel for dogs is a company PetGrooming Company s.r.o. Radlická 571/70, 150 00 Praha 5 – Smíchov, IČ: 27637476, DIČ: CZ27637476