Nutritional counseling

Nutrition advice for dogs and cats

We give our special attention to the dietology in the animal daycare, as a balanced nutrition and a lifestyle of an animal, as well as of a person, is the key to a good quality and long life.

We have real professionals in this area, who devoted several decades to studying animal care and nutrition, and can be considered as the Best in their field. If the animal is suffering from underweight or overweight, if it feels constantly sick, has constant problem with the bowels like diarrhea, constipation or pain, and the veterinary clinics’ treatment works only temporarily, then we recommend bringing your pet to us.

We do not use chemical additives, all the diet food is natural, organic and suitable for a delicate organism of an animal. Professional nutritionist will study the problems of your pet and find the best solution to help it. Each patient has its own timetable and individually prescribed body detox method and a suitable nutrition. As a result, you will have a healthy pet which cannot not be weakened by food change, acclimatization, travel by car or by any other stress factors that can influence health according to some “specialists”.

For more information on this service you can call or write us an e-mail, or find us by other means of communication given on our website. Your pet can receive a special healthy nutrition during its stay in our pet hotel, or we can agree on individual treatment.

We will teach you how to care about those who you love, and whose life depends on you.

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