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Among wide range of services our company also provides a dog walking service, no matter how many of them you have.

There can be different situations in life, sometimes you might have a lot of work that you don’t have time even for lunch, not to mention returning home to walk your dog which needs to go out. Or for some urgent matter you have to leave the town and you don’t have anyone to leave the dog with, sometimes pet hotels can be full, friends are not willing to take it, as they have other plans – anything can happen… The situations can be different and complicated – in this case we advise you to use a pet walking service.

You call us or contact us by any other means of communication and we agree on the details. Our specialist comes to your house, walks the dog and brings it back, checks if all is under control, if it has enough of food and water, if it didn’t destroy your house entirely during your absence. It is also possible that our professional comes to the mentioned address, takes the animal to our hotel, and brings your pet back once you return. We will find the most suitable variant for you. We speak Russian, Czech, English, Ukrainian, we also have a specialist speaking German, which means we will not have a problem of a language barrier between us.

We work for you and your pet without holidays. Our consultation center works NON-STOP.

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